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has been an active participant in design, development, and marketing within the Internet since 1998. We draw on the talents of a group of webmasters, internet specialists, coders and graphic artists who pool their respective talents to provide cutting edge website application development.

We are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but we have clientele from around the world.

In addition to outstanding design and layout capabilities, MyWebGuy has great depth in the technologies required for the most advanced interactive web sites. We have the ability to produce large-scale and small-scale web sites, and to employ the latest technology for multi-media, dynamic pages, databases, on-line content management, and e-commerce applications.

Our President, CEO, and Webmaster-in-Chief is Richard (Rick) Heidrick. Rick has a diversified resumé that spans from the late 1970's to the present and includes:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Administrator
  • Owner / Sales Trainer of 300 member Real Estate firm
  • Database Developer and Administrator
  • Advertising Layout and Design Director
  • Fund Raising Administrator (Private and Public Sectors)
  • Beta Tester of web related software for companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and several smaller Canadian development companies
  • Has been or is currently on the board of several other development companies that range from enterprise class search engine database development, to custom sports related software, to Real Estate Investment software.

MyWebGuy is devoted to the idea of making it simple for busy entrepreneurs and professionals like you to establish, and optimally utilize, a presence on the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly you know what the web is. Perhaps you even have your own web pages. Either way, we'd like to talk with you about how we can make it easy for you to make the Web work with maximal effectiveness for your business or profession. Review our Rates and Request a Free Quote!

If you're like most business and professional people, you don't have the time to master the intricacies of the Web, and you may have concerns about becoming involved with it. We've found that some of the most common questions are: "How do I know what I need and what the options are?", "Won't it cost a lot of money ... and will it be worth it to me?", "How can I choose someone competent that I can trust with the work?", and "How can I be sure I'll get a Web site that doesn't look like a used-car lot that my colleagues or competitors will ridicule?" All of these, and many more, are legitimate concerns about an undertaking which is important to your business and which you don't have the time and expertise to manage yourself. Our business is helping you find the right answers to these questions for your situation, and then, if indicated, helping you to get the Web presence you need, at an appropriate cost, under your control, with a minimum of interference in your schedule.

We'd like to invite you to talk about the needs of your particular situation and your own concerns about maximizing the effectiveness of your Web presence. The Internet is fast becoming the medium of choice for communication and information of all sorts, and anyone whose business involves communicating with and informing clients has an opportunity to employ it to move from a local to a global scope of operations. Contact Us or Request a Quote.

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