HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and XHTML. The HTML5 standard defines a single language that can be written in HTML and XML. It attempts to solve issues found in previous iterations of HTML and addresses the needs of Web Applications, an area previously not adequately covered by HTML. Whether you want to draw on a canvas, play video, design better forms, or build web applications that work offline, you'll find that HTML5 is already well-supported. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and mobile browsers already support canvas, video, geolocation, local storage, and more. Google already supports microdata annotations. Even Microsoft - rarely known for blazing the trail of standards support - will be supporting most HTML5 features in the upcoming versions of Internet Explorer. Demos

CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. CSS are those files which tell the web browsers the ways to display HTML pages that is how your web pages should look. Cascading Style Sheets provides you control over fonts, styles, background color and style, etc. Moreover, CSS has made web designing easier and less time consuming. With the advent of CSS3 and HTML5, the most important thing that has come to everyone’s notice is that adding videos to a web page has become easier. HTML5 even allows you to watch videos without any plug-ins (for example Flash). Flash slows down the computer but with HTML5, this feature is added from the beginning. HTML5 is the best major version of HTML tol date.

CSS3 and HTML5 help in creating animations and games and that too without Flash. HTML5 also provides web applications the ability to store information even if you are working offline. HTML5 and CSS3 together help in making your web pages more attractive as compared to a simple HTML page. The added features available with the two are wrapping to the text, stroke and shadow to the text, rounded corners, direct web fonts, multiple backgrounds, background clipping, box shadow and resizing, direct web fonts, opacity, and much more. Demos

Silverlight 4

Silverlight 4

Microsoft® Silverlight™ is the most comprehensive offering for the rapid creation and delivery of sophisticated applications through a Web browser. Forged from technology used in over 100,000 companies and understood by over 4 million developers worldwide, Silverlight has the full support of Microsoft's tools, technologies, and thriving partner ecosystem. Demos

Product features:

  • Increase repeat visits and brand loyalty while dramatically reducing customer support costs through compelling, intuitive, high performance Web experiences.
  • Increase user productivity and accuracy by providing an attractive, easy to use application user interface that mimics the behaviour of desktop software applications.
  • Create differentiated and branded experiences using Silverlight's high quality graphics, High Definition video, Deep Zoom, and engaging animations.


OneWorldStoreFront Access

OneWorldStoreFront™ (both the Free Access version and the retail MSSQL version) is a full featured, dynamic database catalog and ecommerce solution that can be integrated into your Web site giving you total control of all aspects of your shopping system.

Several additional applications have been developed as "addons" to both versions of this cart.

Note: You must download the free MS Access cart (or purchase the MSSQL version) before purchasing any of these addons or requesting any customization of either product. Contact us for more information.

  • Bulk/Newsletter Mailer
  • Additional Payment processors (i.e. SecPay)
  • XML/Excel data feed importer
  • Banner Advertising Manager
  • Custom Order Tracking System
  • General code customization and debugging
  • Unlimited Alternate Product Images
  • Video Clip/Podcast on Product Detail Page

Auction Applications

Mywebguy Auction Applications

Add the power of real-time internet auctions to your web site. If you need a powerful MSSQL based auction application for your web site, we can deliver the auction functionality you need. It can be custom tailored to suit the exact needs of your business, or fit your vertical market or niche industry.

Product features:

  • Auction Watch
  • Specify Starting and Ending Times
  • Memorize Auctions
  • Bulk Uploader
  • Auto Relist
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Flash Buy
  • Reserve Prices

Surveys / Elections

Mywebguy Survey Applications

You can quickly and easily create web-based surveys using only your web browser. This powerful survey application allows you to easily deploy surveys and view real-time results as responses are received.

Product features:

  • Multiple question "types"
  • Data export to Excel/CSV
  • Question Library
  • Advanced Reporting Console
  • Bulk User Registration
  • Email Invitations and List Mailouts
  • 508 Accessibility Compliant
  • 7 Security Levels

Newsletter System

Mywebguy Newsletter Applications

You can quickly and easily create web-based surveys using only your web browser. This powerful survey application allows you to easily deploy surveys and view real-time results as responses are received.

Product features:

  • Unlimited Subscribers and Mailing Lists
  • Compose HTML Newsletters
  • Create and Manage a Large Email Optin List
  • Personalized Message Content

Events Calendar

Mywebguy Event Calendar Applications

Provides a dynamic calendar of events, bookings, etc. in an interactive interface. Clicked date will move user to a detail page with more information on the events of the day and a further link on each event to show more details for that specific event (photos, directions, maps, etc.)

  • Database - MS Access or MSSQL
  • Fully secured Admin area
  • Can be maintained by selected Admin roles

Classified Ads Management

Mywebguy Classified Ad Applications

Now you can easily add one of the most useful and practical features to your web site, online classified ads. Classified ad listings are a staple of businesses large and small and this application allows you to bring interactive classified ad listings and management right to your own website.

  • Pay Mode using PayPal or 2CheckOut
  • Extensive Online Management System
  • HTML code used in postings
  • Banner Rotation System
  • Multiple Image Uploader
  • Relative Content Links System

Custom Shopping Carts

Mywebguy Custom Cart Applications

Even though there are literally hundreds of different scripts available that act as both a "shopping cart" and administration area to manage it, there are several reasons why a business would require a customization of one of these scripts or a completely new cart system developed specifically for the customers needs.

Development Freedom
Customization is based on your business model and not on the average needs of a generic user.

Custom development allows for expansion to multiple application implementations without an expansive license fee structure - you own it to do as you wish.

Module Development
No need to wait for a special module to be developed that "may" meet your needs - additional code can be developed as needed.

Banner Ad Management

Mywebguy Banner Ad Applications

A robust and easy to use web based banner management and ad tracking software specially designed for sites that need a fast, scalable, reliable and flexible ad serving and management front-end.

Features include:

  • Trackable Rich-Media Delivery
  • Independent Client Statistical Area System
  • Comprehensive Activities Reporting
  • Unlimited Content Creations
  • Automatic Ad Code Generation

Website Search Engine/Crawler

Mywebguy Search Engine Applications

Have your own website crawler/spider detail the contents of your website and store it in a database for use in your own internal search engine. Add content from other websites and control the type of content available to a searcher on your site.

System can be developed using a Microsoft Access database or a more robust version that uses Microsoft SQL Server for storage.

SEO Management

Mywebguy SEO Applications

Static page websites require page by page content management and search engine optimization. We can provide a dynamic (database driven) solution that allows the site manager to control keyword content, page description, and other META content so that all pages are optimized and can be adjusted when major search engine algorithm's change.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Mywebguy Content Management Applications

A content management system (CMS) is a data-storage system with several functions.  It allows users to: collect, maintain, and publish information; to manage content lifecycles (versions, archives); to manage access to content by appropriate users; and to route tasks such as content creation or approval) among users as appropriate.

A secured administration area allows the site manager to login, add images, change event calendars, edit membership data, edit website text content, send member newsletters, manage a document library, etc. All content can be live or subject to approval before made live.

Dynamic Image Galleries

Mywebguy Image Gallery Applications

Presentation of small to large groups of images can be provided in a number of ways:

  1. Static format where there are thumbnails of images on an initial page and a click on the thumbnail will popup a larger version of the same image for better viewing, or
  2. Dynamic layout where the image names are pulled from a database and the web page shows those images based on the SQL code used to ask for them (filtered/sorted request so only certain images show), or
  3. Interactive Flash based image presentation

The Gallery should represent not only the images contained in them but also the feelings you have chosen your site to invoke, here are a few pages that express different feelings:

Gallery Flash Sample 1

Gallery Static Sample 2

Gallery Database Sample 3

Gallery Stylized Sample 4

Gallery Fisheye Sample 5

Live Customer Support

Mywebguy Image Gallery Applications

It's all about Customer Service! Provide live customer support software for your web site that enables visitors to instantaneously communicate with your customer service personnel. Web site visitors simply click a Live Support button and are connected with one of your customer service representatives. Your company representative then assists the visitor by providing information, links, graphics, or even guiding them through your web site.

  1. It runs on your own site under your complete domain and control. Absolute Live Support is not a a hosted service, you receive the full application for installing on your own site.
  2. There's no need to install any client application. Provide real-time customer service support from any computer, anywhere with web access. You just need your web browser!
  3. No built-in limit as to the number of representatives and departments that you can have, get your whole staff to deliver support with the system!
  4. Can help you close the sale with customers who may be skeptical about purchasing online. Your live, personal attention demonstrates your commitment to providing great customer service. An opportune answer from one of your live support representatives may be just what your visitors need to close the sale!
  5. Your representatives can handle concurrent multiple calls instead of being limited to one conversation. By providing assistance online, you do not incur in any telephone charges, thus lowering your phone bills drastically.

We use Live Support in our own site - if no one is available, a user can still send a form based message directly to the support queue and can expect an answer just as if they had used our regular "Contact Us" form.

Client-side Form Validation

Mywebguy Client-Side Form Validation

JavaScript is very useful when it comes to checking HTML forms for valid entries. You can check that your visitors have filled in your forms correctly before they're transmitted over the Internet. The scripts are often activated when the Submit button is pressed. If there's a fault, they supress the transimission of the form contents and show an error message.

When you have a form on a web page, you’ll most likely find the need to validate the values a user enters. Client-side validation has advantages for the server, the user and the developer.

Validating forms on the client side lightens the load on the server and allows for you to format data before it is sent for processing. Because validation takes place on the client machine, there’s no delay from the client contacting a remote server. Besides the user getting a quicker response, network bandwidth and server processing power are both conserved.

MyWebGuyCustom Applications
As the requirements for each individual client changes, so does their need for custom applications. Data gathering, customer communication, and automated services are just a few of these new needs. Other needs include streaming audio, video, and flash. More About Us  View our Rates.

Role Based Security - Virtually unlimited permission combinations attached to security roles.

Online Marketing Plans - Now that you have a web site, is it doing what you want it to and is it successful at it?

Adobe Flash Applications - Not just for intro's anymore!

Adobe Flex Applications - Rich Internet Applications

Adobe Spry / XML Applications - Dynamic web site content using XML data instead of a database connection

JavaScript / AJAX Applications - Applications that are managed from the client site of a web browser so pages do not need to refresh when content changes

Web 2.0 - Clean design based on simplicity

Browser Compatibility/Accessibility - based on in-house testing and W3C rules

Industry Buzzwords

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML - A web development technique used for interactive web applications.

"Web Log" is a website where entries are written in chronological order

"Real Simple Syndication" is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blogs, news headlines or podcasts

A podcast is a digital media file that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and PC's.